Dr. Heino Falcke: Wondering What Lies Beyond

Heino Falcke is a professor at Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands. In 2000, he proposed using a network of millimeter-wave radio telescopes to image the shadow of a black hole. Falcke was co-founder of the Event Horizon Telescope and chair of its science council.


His statement,” We were put into the garden of Eden to “dress and to keep it.” You can only keep well what you understand, so it is important also for Christians to keep up with some of the basic findings that come out of science…” is important in this day of misinformation and conspiracy theories.
The universe he and other scientists reveal to us is amazing. Thank you for posting!


Good article, short and sweet. Thanks! It’s cool to see Christians involved in cutting-edge science.

I hope this might influence a YEC or two that are not totally beyond persuasion:

Were you ever exposed to the “conflict narrative” that science and Christianity cannot be compatible?
I personally never had that issue. In fact, it always felt like a constructed conflict to me. If God is the creator of the universe, then science just means understanding God’s creation better. It is as simple as that. If God made that universe there is nothing that can disprove God. Sometimes you just need a little bit of patience to figure out what it all means. On the other hand, it always struck me as bizarre, if not arrogant, that some people think that just because they have read the Bible in excruciating detail, they know exactly how that universe works. Would you be able to build an airplane, after a few years of Bible study? The universe is much more complicated than that and teaches us, above all, humility.


I agree, @Dale!

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i have studied astronomy and religion my whole life and i also studied design and machanics i have visions all the time i am very intreasted in knowing Gods creation better…i started stuiding about the spirit realm beyound the universe is the spirit realm and beyound that is Gods kingdom so is there a center to the universe sence i beleave the universe is finite and how far away is it also is the universe cyclic expanding then one day contracting then expanding again or will it expand for ever

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Hello. The current thinking is that the universe has been expanding since the Big Bang, and there has not been a series of expansions/contractions.

And the rate of expansion is accelerating, just the opposite of what most experts expected. We are racing away from each other --heavenly bodies-- and we are doing so faster and faster.

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That is true. There is no going back.

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What an absolutely incredible place and time to be alive. Just breaking away from my standard way of taking everything for granted for a minute to look at our universe on a clear night can help me to reset my priorities.


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