Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses the coronavirus with Dr. Francis Collins

Today (7/6/2020) White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed the latest coronavirus research with National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins.

Watch A Conversation on Covid-19

(I love that it’s in the form of a catechism!) It’s about 28 minutes long–very informative! If I get the opportunity I might sign up to help with the clinical trial.

Thanks for posting, enjoyed the conversation.

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Glad you liked it! Thanks for watching.

I’m looking forward to the Wright/Collins podcast recording next Sunday. Should be a classic, especially if Jim can get them to play and sing. Somewhere I have on my phone their duet from the BioLogos conference in Houston 3 years or so back.


Nice! I will definitely listen to Collins and Wright. I really like NT Wright. Though somethings I imagine how he got there. I had a hard time following his article on is there marriage in heaven. But that’s for another thread xd.

I love his songs. They are usually very clever parodies! A bunch of his songs are on YouTube.

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