Dominion mandate

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Maccabeats Le Miserables–for the enjoyment of others :slight_smile:

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The video you posted goes from “Animals Died Before the Fall” to a video of Princess Diana… I presume the former not the latter is your “huge theological problem”.

But why is the former even a problem? I have heard/read the speculation that early humans were vegetarian in various places. Wm Hallo saw some indications of vegetarianism in the first couple chapters of Genesis. Proverbs 12:10 says “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”(NIV). NRSV says “The righteous know the needs of their animals, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.”

The commentary on this verse in NICOT cites the practice of reducing chicken and livestock to “efficient machines” and feeding them “the best grain” only to fatten them for the market …and then the commentator paraphrases something Bonhoeffer said on this subject.

OK…I am not YEC so I do not know why this is the largest problem on earth at the moment.

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What in the world?

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I was kidding…I know which one you were referring to.

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