Does practicing medicine require evolution to be true?

Why would medicine rely on the theory of evolution to be factual? It doesn’t.

I guess it depends on what aspects you’re referring to but someone can be a medical doctor who does surgery, or a nurse without belief in evolution.


The only field of medicine where I can think of evolution being applicable is in a classroom, because they’re going to teach it there regardless. Not in medical practice or research.

Essentially every single science that has to do with biology, including anatomy and physiology will have evolution indirectly tied up into it. But the point of the question is can you prescribe medicine and stitch people up , or create pharmaceuticals and believe in something like literal creationism, or that were originally blue gods born out of a lotus pod, or that aliens slept with primates and created our species and so on. Sure.

But none of that really matters. You could practice medicine and think Hitler was wonderful.

But there are definitely applications of evolution within practicing medicine such as trying to understand diets or functions of organs and so on.

But you can google evolution and medicine and see how it’s all connected or evolution and the medical
Field and see how it’s related so on.

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Very wrong. It is important in cancer research, to know how carcinogenic mutations occur, and, guess what, how viruses evolve. And those are only two examples.

And things like this have some bearing in medicine ← (slightly understated :grin:):


Good answers. Most of medicine can be practiced without evolution, as it is essentially technical work like plumbing.
However, there are some areas that evolution is necessary to understanding the disease and makes one a better doctor. I would say, infectious disease, genetics, perhaps areas like congenital heart disease are most affected.
Now, could you be a veterinarian without accepting evolution? Might be hard to shift from treating lizards to dogs without visualizing the changes of organ systems that occurred. I’ve never had that discussion.


The reality though is that the cancer clonal evolutionary “theory” has no real evidence to support it. None.
Worse than that back in 1997 Dr. John Dick M. D. showed that there are cancer stem cells. In around 2000 Dr. Max Wicha. M.D. and his PhD graduate co-researcher showed beyond doubt that it takes a cancer stem cell to create a cancer tumor. in breast cancer that was studied
This is still being referred to as a “hypothesis”. Why?

Are Stem Cells Involved in Cancer? |

"A consensus panel convened by the American Association of Cancer Research has defined a CSC as "a cell within a tumor that possesses the capacity to self-renew and to cause the heterogeneous lineages of cancer cells that comprise the tumor.“12 It should be noted that this definition does not indicate the source of these cells—these tumor-forming cells could hypothetically originate from stem, progenitor, or differentiated cells.13

Mostly because evolution is a fact.

YEC has certainly failed to contribute anything of value to the understanding of human health.

That said, one can be a wonderful medical practitioner and rely on established protocols for patient care. OTOH, Infectious disease or cancer research involves evolutionary principles in real time, so that degree of dissonance involved in rejecting the very evolution under investigation does not seem very tenable to me.

Medicine doesn’t rely on the existence of Uranus, so I guess that means the planet doesn’t exist?

A question for you. If evolution were true, how do you think it would affect medicine?


These are all known risk factors for cancer:

  1. Radiation
  2. Retroviruses
  3. Dysfunctional DNA repair genes

All of those risk factors increase mutations (retroviruses are a mutation once they insert into the genome).

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There is no evidence that any of these so-called “risk factors” cause cancer. They all can cause transformed cells but transformed cells, which are immortal, are not cancer cells.
The argument is made that the cell, which has sustained mutations and survived, will then take it the rest of the way to sustain more and more mutations as to become cancer. This is only conjecture.
It has been shown in leukemia, brain cancer and breast cancer that there are cancer stem cells, which give rise to the cancer tumor. These cancer stem cells have around 70% or more of stem cell surface markers, some embryonic stem cell markers and the rest of the surface markers are as ordinary cells. The question is how do they arise, because there is no way that any evolution in the fast lane, even if you are talking 100 years, is going to get cancer stem cell evolution.

Why would a dysfunctional DNA repair protein be linked to an increase in cancer?

Why do people who have been exposed to large doses of ionizing radiation have higher cancer rates?

Why are retroviruses correlated with increased rates of cancer?

Mutations happen in stem cells.

Added in edit:

Another paper to check out:

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You couldn’t count on your vet telling you that you have a dog. It could be something else on the next visit.

Actually, you couldn’t count on anything from a doctor. Say you get a common cold. One new mutation and you could start the zombie apocalypse. Or your dog could. Unless he’s a cat now.

I think I will just let this stand without further comment, as an example of the level of understanding of evolution that circulates among some creationists.


Humor, I’m sure. Mutations in medicine are usually nothing good. Maybe not a zombie apocalypse, but often cancer, or if in bacteria, antibiotic resistance, or with Covid, a resistant strain. Of course however it came about, Covid is the result of mutations in the virus that allowed it to jump species. Certainly, evolution has its downside.

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It made me wonder if he was just trolling us now.

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Poe’s law, hard to tell in light of some of his other posts.


However? It was engineered. This was not a natural virus. Some things happen in nature. Some can’t.

Actually, I thought it was fairly obvious. Can you tell what my AV is? The first and last parts are humor.

The part about the zombie apocalypse is evolution. If it weren’t for the ability of DNA to repair or self-destruct, we would be long since gone.

It is a bit daft to fail to figure out that antibiotics a common in nature and therefore bacteria are constantly evolving new strategies to overcome them. One might consider that penicillin existed well before it was found by humans and it did not become antibiotic because we discovered it.
Adaptation for survival happens all the time and if there is any change to improve survival that can be stored in the DNA it will show.
Apoptosis and endosymbiosis are actually a good examples for the core principle of evolution, as they illustrate the concept of giving up the self for the benefit of others. and to know when to die. If you loose that concept you become the cancer to the system you are part of and lead to its demise. Its a bit like us humans becoming a cancer to this earth by wanting to be forever self.

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