DNA barcoding: According to their kinds

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Martin has almost no understanding of evolution, so there is little point in attempting to discuss it with him. But other readers might be interested in some of the more recent developments in evo-devo, so here are some free gifts to those inclined to actually read.

Novelty and Innovation in the History of Life

These two might not be free but I am happy to send a full copy to anyone who asks:

The developmental renaissance in adaptationism
Early development and fitness in birds and mammals

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[Quickly adds three more items to the hopper for the local evolutionary reading group. . .]


I have pointed out design and you don’t accept it.

So let me offer a natural design the fits your rules.

Here is one you should appreciate. A rock arch.

Image here http://parkerlab.bio.uci.edu/pictures/photography%20pictures/Delicate%20Arch.jpg

Let’s see how well it fits your rules.

The design is a horizontal surface supported at both ends by a graceful curve.
The development is just the wind blowing sand for a few thousand years.
The materal is composed of sandstone that was laid down by running water.

It will last for thousands of years and requires no maintenance. Looks like a pretty neat engineering feat. I will admit that it has no function except for the possible aesthetic value but you didn’t make that part of the rules.

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i apologize, you got it all wrong… again…

a 3D printer is a perfect comparison… don’t matter what you say or think…

Look here,

there is a TED presentation by Riccardo Sabatini, on “How to read a human genome a build a human being”

I found Riccardo’s lecture only recently, but, i used the 3D printer argument before, in a local paper debate, YEARS AGO… so when i watched this video, it was such a good feeling to see, that there are other people who can recognize things, and give them the right names … and the following is so funny, look at Riccardo’s definition of a 3D printer:

In his lecture, Ricardo says:

The 3D printer needs 3 elements:

  1. a bit of information
  2. some raw material
  3. some energy.

and now, have a look what i wrote yesterday

“You need to load a program … you need a filament … if the filament is out, you have to replace it and add a new one. You need to plug the printer into an electrical outlet in order to print … and so on…”

as you can see, yesterday, i have used exactly the same words as Riccardo did. You may say, such a nice example of convergent evolution ( of course it is not… it is just the ability to think, to see things, and to give them the right names …and, also, some education is need as well … )

Later, Riccardo said:

“… and i realized that i actually always knew a 3D printer … and everyone does … it was my mom…”

So, T_aquaticus, it was a very very good comparison, don’t matter what you say or think… But you guys trying to undermine everything what i say… everything…

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Riccardo never explained how to build a 3D objects …he said a lot of things, but i did not learn the most important thing… where is the shape of all these particular 3D parts defined? … if you know, please could you refer me to some article? Perhaps i overlooked something…

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Bill, i told you, you are the best in looking for these things …you should open a business.

A snow flake, a geyser, now this rock arch …

Bill, you just opened my eyes !!! Thank you so much !!!

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Hey Stephen.

Have you received my message on the THIRD WAY project / movement ?

Could you comment on this? ( Or did you? Perhaps i overlooked something, i receive a lot of replies. )

Stephen, you still keep repeating that i don’t understand evolution … you keep repeating it… over and over… over and over…

If you don’t want to comment on THIRD WAY, could you comment on the Royal Society Meeting (November 2016) ?

“The World’s Top Biologists Have Met to Discuss Whether We Should Update Evolution”

“But a team of researchers has now proposed an update to our current understanding of evolution - one that could completely shift our understanding of how species evolve.”

“Some of the world’s best known biologists just converged in London as part of a Royal Society meeting to discuss if it’s time to upgrade one of the most fundamental theories in science.”

So, Stephen, PLEASE STOP repeating that i don’t understand evolution… you sure you do?

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Hey Martin,

Did you look at the sequences T_aquaticus posted for you?

Could you comment on how their UNIQUENESS (92% identity) creates some sort of problem for evolutionary theory?

Could you comment on how they show that your use of the word UNIQUE represented a complete misunderstanding?

Could you stop doing the Gish Gallop and focus on the actual evidence?

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Okay I’ll stop repeating it. The things you write on this forum, over and over, show that you know next to nothing about most of the topics you write about. Your response here, in which you redirect the conversation to unrelated stuff you found on the internet, is one of several reasons why discussion with you is pointless. Now, look at that last sentence (it ends with “discussion with you is pointless”) and think of all the time it will save you. You can spend that time doing mechanical engineer stuff.


Thanks. Hopefully now you have given up on ID.


I would agree that your mind is closed to what others are saying. If you are actually interested in learning new things, let us know.

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