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I thought this excellent post would provide a good start for listing the various SUCCESSFUL predictions that the various parts of Evolutionary theory has made possible!

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So what successful predictions has the theory of evolution made?

For one thing, it was predicted that we must have a fusion on one of our chromosomes because we have one fewer pair than other great apes do. Well long after that prediction we found that fusion site. If we hadn’t, evolution would have been in serious trouble.

What else has evolution successfully predicted?

  1. A biochemical way for information to be passed on from generation to generation that can be subject to mutation

  2. Shared transposons between closely related species

  3. The synteny between genes on chromosomes

  4. Shared pseudogenes with shared means of inactivation

  5. Incomplete lineage sorting when we encounter three closely related clades.

  6. Mechanisms for new genes to be created

  7. Countless intermediate forms in the fossil record including this startling find4. In this case, they not only predicted that they would find it but they were able to predict where they would find it.

  8. Feathered dinosaurs

  9. The ability of closely related species to interbreed

This is what makes the Theory (or Theories) of Evolution a Science…

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Please reference this alleged theory of evolution so we can all read what it really predicts. Without that this thread is meaningless and shows desperation on your part.

Except that you don’t have any idea the ToE makes those predictions.

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When someone posts alleged predictions of the ToE but refuses to post the ToE so people can check that those are actual predictions of the ToE, then the post won’t have any meaningful effect at all.

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