Discipleship workbook based on McKnight books

This looks like it could be a really cool resource:

In coordinating our church’s small groups for the past seven years, I’ve tried all sorts of Bible studies and group guides, but the discipleship curriculum I was looking for just hadn’t appeared. I wanted something with solid Christology, rooted in the Bible, offering a call to discipleship, and full of practical application for life in the church. And I wanted it to be written in an easy-to-read way that Christians new to theological study could understand and enjoy.

Evidently Becky Castle Miller, who took classes with Scot McKnight at Northern pulled excerpts from four of his books and paired them with Scripture readings for personal reflection and group discussion. She said on Jesus Creed that she thought it would be appropriate to use as a family with kids junior high and up.


Thanks. I just ordered this; looks like a good resource.