Did Jesus use the scientific method?

In our 5th grade Sunday school class today, we spoke of John the Baptist inquiring of Jesus as to whether he was the one, the messiah. The lesson was that is OK to ask questions, but in looking at Jesus’ answer, he did not just say, Yeppers, that’s me, but rather spoke of the blind, lame, and lepers healed, and the dead brought to life. This was a reference to the prophecies in Isaiah being fulfilled, but is stuck me how similar it was to the scientific process. A question was posed, observations made and a conclusion reached based on the evidence. Likewise in the parable of the Good Samaritan where the question of, "who is my neighbor? " posed, a thought experiment was proposed by Jesus, observations made and information gathered, and an answer to the question reached by the observer.
Perhaps it is just silly musing, but to some extent it validates the thought processes many of us have when approaching problems to know they were used by Jesus to make points not always obvious by a plain reading.


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If anybody can find anywhere in scripture where Jesus is recorded as just giving a straight answer, let me know! One can only imagine family life …

Mom: “Jesus, are you and all your friends going to be able to come with us to the wedding in Cana tomorrow? We’re all invited you know.”

Son: “There was a man who walked the dusty roads of Palestine …”

Mom: “Jesus! Are you coming or not?!”

Son: “No need to swear about it, mom!”

Lighthearted imagination aside for the moment, I find it interesting too how Jesus did (and did not) answer people who inquired directly of him about important questions including (as you mention) John the Baptist. “Go tell John what you see … the sick are healed, the lame walk …” How many of us could give a similar answer to those who inquire of us about our faith?

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I would suggest Jesus was using Greek-style logic… rather than the more robust “scientific method”.

I’m pretty patient about musings like this. For example, lots of writers like to say Paul was a theological master … but frankly I find his writings mutually conflicting.

What I would say is that Paul was a Rhetorical Master … Master of the Debate… Master of the Argument… because he can make something sound Very Convincing … and really still contradict himself later.

But those are just My Musings…

True about the Jesus’ use of logic, but it is the foundation of scientific thought, and is an example of how Jesus encourages us to use our brains as a tool, rather than merely a receptacle. Have a blessed week!

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Phil, I’m with you. That is a good example.

Also “a tree is known by its fruit.” (Taste and know that the LORD is good.)

Jesus is the Logos, God’s rational Word that we know through experience, not just by word of mouth.

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