Devotional/Bible Lessons

Hi there,

I am looking for a possible personal bible lesson for my almost 6th grader for next year. We do Telling God’s Story (TGS) by Enns for our bible lessons in the morning, but they’re written for a younger audience; mostly lower elementary.

We’ve been a part of a Community Bible Study for several years and normally this covers our bible lesson. But I’m unsure if we’re going to return next year.

I could assign him extra readings according to TGS, but I feel like that would be extra work for me, too. I have four kiddos and work part-time, so I don’t have a ton of time to devote to crafting lesson plans. I’d like something I can handoff.

Do you all have any recommendations or experiences with bible lessons/devotionals for upper elementary students?

Thanks so much!

With my kids we have really benefited from the videos at The Bible Project. You can watch the intro videos for a specific book of the Bible, or study a theme or a concept, there are a ton of resources. There are blog posts and podcasts to explore different things too.

If you want them to structure things for you, you can sign up for a small group study:

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