Determinism vs Libertarianism vs Compatibilism

Which one do you consider to be true and which one do you think it correlates more and aligns with the bible?

Of course Libertarianism seems to be the most obvious one but since there are a lot of theologies and views on the bible on this forum im sure there are different options as well.

I fall on the compatibilitism side more.I think that we cant control some things but the choises we make(unless hard influenced by an exogenous agent)are free.But since we are all influenced by an exogenous agent in our everyday lifes how free are we in making these choises?

And how can you be completely free to make choises when in reality you cant change a lot of things in world?

And if everything is predisposed and God has sorted it out himself whats the point of all of this?
Or doesnt that challenge his good character in a way?


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I’m not sure but part of the Serenity prayer resonates with me on this issue:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference…”.


I guess the answer depends on what you mean by free will.

We are not completely free to do whatever we want but we can make choices within constraints set by physics, our history, etc. If we make a choice and could have made a different choice in the situation, then we have at least some amount of free will. That would prove that determinism is not true.

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So are you subscribing to compabilitism?

Not really.We can have free will and still be not able to choose freely in certain circumstances .
As i said there are really some things that you cant choose in this world. Your place of living ,your level of education sometimes or even your personality are based upon genes.You cant choose your genes.However you can choose what youll do with them

Well i guess thats compabilitism then. Or soft determinism as some call it.

Imminent nuclear war certainly looks deterministic. It’s twenty days to sixty years from Black Saturday.

Free will (and the various ‘takes’ on the will) is a topic that has been discussed at length on the forums, you kind find a broad sample here.

As always can we avoid ‘straw manning’ those who hold different views of Free Will, please? It hasn’t happened yet in this thread as far as I can see, so let’s all work hard to keep our interactions gracious. Sometimes the free will conversation doesn’t always lead a discussion in that direction for some reason.

Thanks! :upside_down_face:


Does the bible have one definition of free will though?Or it depends on peoples prespectives?I honestly dont know .In my view the bible holds a compabilitist to a libertarianist view of free willl. Or a combination of three. Jesus death and resssurection was a deterministic result. Judas betrayal was a libertarianistic one since no exogenous agent forced his hand(i dont subscribe to the idea the devil made him etc etc .
And the life of the Christians post Jesus is a compabilitistic issue,since they couldnt change that they were gentiles and that their communities held certain customs that if they didnt participate they could get in trouble,But they had the choise to not to and become Christians.

However since we cant be sure about God if determinism is true what agent is responsible?

But we know determinism is true ,not in entirety though. Our enviroment is random generated by the time we are born.However we can change our course.

But if we are currently influenced by exogenous agents and our choises are a mix result how free are we to choose? And since we are able to realize that can we push aside these influences?So that we are 100% free to choose?

If we arent able to do that at all why do we sign moral accountability ? A killer would be decid3d to be one already ?

And can someone asign moral accountability to someones that his choises were influenced by exogenous agents?
And if yes wouldnt that make your decision to do that not free since you are beign influenced by a particular exogenous “παράγοντα” as well?

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