Designer diseases?

A problem I have with “Intelligent Design” is the huge prevalence of suffering and death, not only in regard to human life but for the whole of the animal kingdom.

If we follow the “design” argument then each thing is individually created as it is.
We must however deal with the fact that the whole world order of "created "life includes

  1. Preditors and prey, finely tuned to kill and be eaten
  2. Viruses and bacteria that cause diseases in every living thing
  3. Parasites that consume life from within (eg parastic wasps that lay their egges in living flesh)

Viruses, bacteria and parasites are indescriminate as they affect animals of all ages, including new borns.

One traditional theological argument to account for this is that such suffering came into the world as result of human disobedience and the divine curse that followed. The problem with such an argument is that it makes God into a monster tyrant that inflicts suffering all creation because of human sin. That is not the God of Love I know who is manifest in Jesus Christ.

Hence for me Evolution is a much better answer to the problem of such widespread suffering and death because it is about a freely developing cosmos in which the downside of that freedom is death God does not inflict sufferiing on innocent life or “design” killers and horrible bugs.


Ooh. A burning straw man. How delightful.