Demonic Possession And Physchology

Do psychiatrists believe demonic possession to be real?

I don’t know any psychiatrists, but I’m going to bet the answer is “no” for most of them, though there will always be exceptions. Is there a particular incident that brought this question to mind?

Yeah i watched a video on YouTube the Biographic chanel that specifies on particular historical persons. He uploaded a video on Jose De Mariella ( i dont remember his exact name) but he was basically the chief Exorcist of the Vatican or something like that. Anyway in the end he raised the question if that is all real or is another term for a phychiatric condition . But he later show some bibliography of some physiciatric associations of different countries including the one of Britain in which it is stated that demonic possession is a real thing and it should not be treated like a joke.

Hmmmmm… I’d be skeptical about that without seeing a verifiable source. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if a psychiatric association wanted to clarify that demonic possession should not be treated like a joke for the sake of patients who may believe in it or believe that they are/were possessed.

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Bit ismt claiming that it does not exist comtradicts with the bible)?

Sure – I would bet most Christians accept the idea of demonic possession, though there are different interpretations about what that means. But I would not expect a psychiatric association to align their own organizational views with supernatural ones, Christian or otherwise.

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For me not believing in them does not contradict the Bible because I believe that they can no longer do it. When reading scripture I see these events shaping this subject. But I guess to explain one I have to cover another as well.

In the Torah I see that various spirits are sent by God to confuse individuals. The Bible even talks about them , the heavenly host , sitting around his throne discussing the various issues on earth.
Such as in 1 Kings 22:19-23 when the angels along with God decided to send a deceitful spirit to Ahab and mislead him. Same with the king who goes wild and eats grass.

But while all of this is going on we can see the trembles or something going bad. The serpent, presumably Satan, deceives Eve snd causes conflict. We see the princes ( angels) of israel and some others trying to mess up each other’s plans and battling over it. But you don’t really seem to read about a evil spirit on it’s free will taking control of a person. Instead you see them sent by God and his hosts or you see them trying to keep each other from aiding the us and you even see them, Satan, with the angels still marching with them going through the world checking. I believe they were created to help co rule just like we were with different focuses. But there is a problem arising, even the prophecies start to mention these issues.

Finally, when Jesus is born you hear that the king wants to destroy him after his conversation with the wise men. Gabriel warns them and protects them. They flee with the gifts just given them by the wise men. The king ends up killing many kids also fulfilling or tying into another prophecy. Jesus mentions that he saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven. He talks about how the devil knows his time is short. A eruption of possession takes place resulting in very powerful and violent men isolated cutting themselves and breaking chains, to kids unable to live their lives having seizures blamed on demons. These things start happening not previously mentioned.

Then you come to revelations and something is revealed about the war. The war was of the dragon convincing a handful to leave with him. The dragon tries to destroy the woman giving birth but loses and then a war starts.

A believe that Satan tried to lead the King to kill mary and Jesus. That was the final stick that broke the camels back. The angels warned mary and seems to have ministered to her while the rest went to war under the leadership of michael with Satan and those who followed him. They lost and Michael cast them out and they went into a rage mode , though restricted still it seems of power, and begin to cause issues and so before leaving Jesus have the apostles , and later Paul, a weapon against them that was found in the power of the Holy Spirit. The laying on of hands by the apostles. A gift that ended with them. As it was coming to a end we see other prophecies being fulfilled. The destruction of the temple. The coming of the kingdom of God. The apostles no longer able to lay their hands on others as that died and the gifts begin to cease with their death since no one else could pass them like they could ( acts 8 with what Simon the witch claimed).

So I don’t believe the devil can any longer do that. I think the war we wrestle with bow since we have all scripture coming from God is to test all things and to deal with the flesh vs the spirit.

While I do believe that demonic possession is a real issue but I think we need to be wise in what is demonic and a mental disorder. Jesus within His cognitive environment dealt with may issues of “demons”. Yes he casted out real demons, but at time He dealt with mental disorders which people at the time understood as devils and Jesus went along with them in the environment and casted it out, whether it was really a demon or not wasn’t the issue, both issues are wicked and are oppressive and in a sense are from “the evil one” and Jesus fulfilled His ministry in casting demons and sickness out of people. Jesus could have explained to the people that one certain person didn’t have a demon in them but was mentally disturbed but that would have been hard to explain such science to 1st century peasants.


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