Deb Haarsma on Seeing Christ in the Cosmos

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The “power reversal” of Christ’s Kingdom can help us understand Creation, too.
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These videos of lectures from the conference make me wish I could have been there. Thanks, BioLogos, for posting them here.

Ms Haarsma’s talk combined spectacular Hubble images with poetical language about astronomy. If more scientists were able to convey her sense of wonder and reverence for scientific subjects, there would be no perceived conflict between science and religion.

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there is always going to be some conflict between science and theology. They are very different disciplines.

Also Western dualism incites conflict as we find in Darwinism.

Using a parable of Jesus to illustrate how evolution works is not part of the scientific method.

We need a different philosophical world view which can clarify the relationship between science and theology, which we do not have.

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God doesn’t seem to be in a hurry or worried about efficiency; he puts this incredible priority on relationships. - See more at:

Indeed God does put “incredible priority on relationships,” but sadly philosophy puts incredible priority on being. Thus philosophy and God are out of sync. Until God and philosophy are in sync, our knowledge will be out of sync with God and Reality.