Curriculum for grade 8

can anyone help me out grade 8 for homeschooling

Hi Ashley – welcome to the forums! I hope you’ll be able to find some good suggestions here.

Are you new to homeschooling, or have you tried other curriculum before? Are you looking specifically for math/science, or for all subjects? We use Sonlight curriculum and have been happy with it (I like that it’s literature based), but we have to get a separate math program (and science after about grade 5).

As far as science goes, BioLogos has some suggestions for science curriculum here: K-12 Educators Resource Center - BioLogos

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There are so many options. If you’ve homeschooled before, what worked and didn’t work, may help guide you. If I planned for the homeschool child to return to public school, that would impact my choices as well. How much time the parent can give to schooling would also impact, as would the child’s ability to self motivate/monitor.And kids vary–for example, I used different math programs for each of my 8th graders, because what fit one didn’t fit the other. If you can share more about your particular situation, I can try to help with specifics. But sometimes you do have to just dip your toes in and try things to see what works. In 8th grade, I would likely seek input from the teen involved when selecting materials. It’s much easier to teach teens who have a voice and some control in their education.