CT very pro-science these days

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Here’s another CT article talking about the importance of communicating the harmony between science and faith. (H/T @kendra)

Some lovely quotes by @Kathryn_Applegate on how science leads to worship and how embracing science in church creates a welcoming environment for seeking scientists.

Anyway, a nice article to share with friends who wonder why you waste so much time on this forum. :slight_smile:

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Friends? What are those?

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All those people who put up with you, even though you are grouchy. :wink:

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I prefer “bristly.” haha

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It probably doesn’t need saying but many online atheists are every bit as convinced that Christianity is committed to literal interpretations of the Bible wherever these present conflicts with established science. I often get the impression that the angriest atheists are those who leave a fundamentalist religion but not the mindset. I think Christianity is suffering from a branding problem. But how do you go about promoting a more durable and enlightened perspective when so many believers are mired in a defensive, fundamentalist posture? Tell you what I’ll keep challenging the fundamentally mind-stuck folk on my side of the divide and somebody please figure out to reach my family members who are stuck on your side.


Good article! I’m debating whether or not I want to get into a facebook debate over it. :wink:

I’ve been surprised to realize that “fundamentalism” is not limited to the conservative side – you can have liberal fundamentalists as well. I wonder if it has to do with personalities – perhaps those who view things in a more black-and-white way are more likely to go from one extreme to another.

(Mark D.) #7

The atheists I see pressing the assumption that those who embrace the Bible must reject lots of science aren’t all politically liberal. But my perception is they are probably in the majority. But that they retain that fundamentalist mindset certainly isn’t liberal. By the same token, many of the Christians on this site and all those who show the nimbleness of thought not to think Christian belief is committed to an oppositional stance toward science are showing a liberal side, it seems to me. Christianity, insofar as it is about the teachings of Jesus, do seem to have a rationale to embrace at least some degree of social liberalism. That would make an interesting question for me to find out more about: how widespread is it for Christians to identify as more conservative than liberal?

(David Heddle) #8

I have encountered a weirdly opposite effect. That is, I have many encounters with atheists who do not want to hear any talk of a reconciliation between science and religion. To facilitate this end, they will side with YECs in the sense that they endorse the YEC interpretation of Genesis.

(Mark D.) #9

I must not have spoken clearly. I meant to say I have the same experience you describe. They seem to think they can ignore what you’re saying because you’re not doing Christianity ‘right’. I find it maddening that they just insist on going for the low lying fruit - even when it hasn’t been offered.

(Randy) #10

I appreciate your irenic and insightful observations. We all have a tendency to oversimplify the other"s point of view. It is one of the reasons for fundamentalism of all sorts. It is difficult for me to admit that the truth is complicated…and sometimes even harder to explain that to others.

(Mark D.) #11

Just as true for me. I have been trying for quite some time to increase my empathy for polically conservative inclinations. And I have some friends of that stripe I like a lot. But it is still very hard for me.

(Christy Hemphill) #12

It is different by country, but in the US it is pretty common for Christians to identify as more conservative. But that might be partly due to all the more liberal Christians not really wanting to “identify” as liberal, seeing that many have been brought up to hear that word as an insult. They might be more likely call themselves “somewhat progressive” or “not very conservative.”

(Mark D.) #13

I can identify. I’m an atheist but I’m not very
angry, or at least not often.

I haven’t got that good of a handle on conservativism-vs-liberalism but preserving the status quo in what are felt to be important ways is my best hunch regarding conservatism while always being willing to look at how circumstances can be improved gets at the inclination toward liberalism.

(Randy) #14

I think, as @Christy says, it varies a lot from nation to nation. In Africa I worked with a Brit missionary who was somewhat incredulous at American conservative Christianity–was a Lib Dem or Labor supporter (depending on the issue), anti-Brexit, saying it was Christlike for Britain to stay in the EU and foot its larger share of the economic burden for the poor.

Michael F Bird, the Australian theologian, wrote in “Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy”:

“In many cases, conservative American evangelical biblical interpretation is not only parochial but also weird and whacky. Only American evangelicals use Scripture to argue against gun control, against environmental care, and against universal healthcare…Outside of America (and even inside it), Wayne Grudem’s book Politics According to the Bible: A comprehensive Resource for Understanding Modern Political Issues in the Light of Scripture" is mystifying and mortifying to global evangelicals”

I say this while acknowledging many of my own relatives are in the very camp of he speaks of; I realize that I was in that camp a while ago. I’m not saying Christ would have been liberal or conservative–very likely, he would have characteristics that neither camp would like very much! The point I wanted to make is that conservatism is certainly not a majority view among global Christians.

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It is both insulting and inaccurate to present evolution as the “scientific” viewpoint. What was the speed of light at the so-called singularity? Where is the proof? And if there is no proof (which there isn’t), why is evolutionary speculation more scientific than the derided young earth perspective? Biologos’ hypocrisy is both glaring and ironic.


@Colin Actually there is proof the speed of light hasn’t changed. Radiation from the very distant stars contain properties that are defined by the speed of light, among other constants. Those properties show the speed of light hasn’t changed.

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Jesus was a libertarian, of course.

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While we’re bringing up accolades for CT, here is a new article about the anti-vaccination issue.

CT continues its practice of linking to Biologos articles here too. Go CT!


Nuts MB. I was just going to post that too. Beat me to it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Me too! Hah. Good one.