Creation vs. Evolution: Acknowledging the human spirit

I believe creationism vs evolution is more about acknowledging the human spirit, rather than acknowledging God.

Many students get taught biology by cutting a frog. Do you have some idea about a frog as a decisionmaker, how the frog chooses, and have some ,subjective ,appreciation for the spirit of the frog choosing?

Do you have any scientific knowledge of any decision made in the entire history of the universe? Where you know as fact what the available options were, and know as fact which way the decision turned out.

To me the evolution vs creation is indeed a part of the human spirit. Once you accept one mode of creation out of three of four possibles, one seems to stick to it. But I wonder what kinds of things will get one to change? For example, changing the actual timelines or time periods does not seeem to change the minds of evolutionists about the evolutionary process. Just add on another few million or hundred million years… no problems.

one finds pollen all the way down in Precambrian strata (supposedly more than a billion years before dinosaurs!).3 Pollen, and many other fossils dramatically ‘out of place’ in relation to evolution’s supposed ‘timeline’, present a major problem to defenders of Darwin’s ideas.” Stainforth, R., Occurrence of pollen and spores in the Roraima Formation of Venezuela and British Guiana, Nature 210(5033):292–294, 1966. However, evolutionists have steadfastly refused to allow that chronological extension to the ‘fossil range’.

Yet, these kinds of things do not seem to pose a major problem. How does the human spirit overcome these problems, no matter how many or how often they are brought up?

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