Creation, providence & science

   Psalm 104

Any questions? :grin:

Why didn’t you make it clear that these “through providence” portions in the above text are added by you and not in the original text?

Ooh, sorry. Even you figured it out though. :grin: Bolding is a pretty good clue, and maybe the ellipses too? Most readers here will have been familiar with Psalm 104.

Dale International Version?

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No, Cosmic. :grin:

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This is an interesting verse since it suggests that God lives in a celestial houseboat.

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A Cloud City or a floating island? :slightly_smiling_face:

An island with beams beneath? Hmm.

Maybe a cosmic cruise ship!

Ships do have beams, but only one per, in nautical jargon.

But your photo did remind me of this :grin::

Any questions?

Just one.

Why do you think psalms are rheology?

Is the last supper by D’vinci theology?

Is How Great Thou Art theology?

All scripture is not the same. Nor can it be used the same.


Yes, I have a several actually, but not for here.

This is what you intended (it’s not that difficult to do in Discourse):

Oh, I do have a question – how well did you do in maths? :grin:

I actually looked up ‘rheology’ first off. :roll_eyes::grin: (It may speak to the condition of your brain though. :grin:)

Why do you think I think Psalms ‘are theology’? You’re wrong. I think the Psalms contain theology.

No, it’s a painting. (But it contains theology.)

No, but it contains theology.


Very astute. We agree.

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