Creation Photos Around the World

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Got lucky today. I’ve been looking for this mushroom for about 4 years now. Finally found it today by chance. Got off work finishing up a clients job and someone called wanting to know could I help change out some high lightbulbs for a elderly woman through a volunteer job. Turned down the wrong road and was coming back when I just happen to catch a orangish spot out of the corner of my eye. I pulled my van over and went up and was about 98% certain 14 feet up was the “chicken of the woods”. So I got the ladder out I had with me to change the tall bulbs and went up and got the mushroom. While up there I noticed a hollow that had some growing in it. It just kept going deeper and deeper and I kept pulling them out. Ended up with about $80 worth. Looking forward to cooking them. Hopefully I’m not one of the 30-50% of people who are sensitive to them lol. Might be to soon to call it a blessing lol.


Keep your karma so well charged and who knows what you’ll find next. :wink:

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One of my acquaintances gave me some chicken of the woods. He said it was very expensive. Pretty neat stuff

Took a couple of photos in the garden yesterday, our last without rain for a while … thankfully. We need it.

Pictures from the garden always feel like a bit of cheat here but at least these two have a pretty good nature-y vibe. This next one is a real cheat. It not only shows two raised beds I made recently in which to grow a number of special African bulbs I’ve received from friends, most of them recently. They’ll be more impressive when they’ve settled in, gotten bigger and flower. That largest bulb in the bed on the left is already the size of a pineapple and that is just the part above ground. Oh, and as if this wasn’t naughty enough there are a couple canine creatures I’m pretty fond of in the picture too.


It’s not cheating. It’s all still nature. Plus within Christianity the story opens up with a garden and so it’s very much part of nature.

Plus I’ve been listening to some philosophical arguments over how we showcase nature. Most people , and I am definitely guilty of this was well, tend to on hikes to angle it to just show nature. So a potential byproduct of this action may be contributing to people creating a further divide between nature and civilization. But maybe we need to include the man made in the pictures to help people harmonize the two instead of thinking of them as isolated places.


I very much agree. Besides I feel proud that we are very much part of nature ourselves.


Brilliant mushroom, and fairly common in the UK. Here’s one I found back in June.

Interesting, I didn’t know that some people react negatively to them. I’ve also heard that they are toxic if found growing on a Yew Tree. I wonder if the sensitivity that some people experience might be due to whatever the mushroom imbibes from the host rather than the mushroom itself?


I’m not sure what causes it. But I know people who regardless of where it comes from gets swollen lips and stiff from them. I think it’s just like with shrimp and peanuts. Some things just seem to have a higher percentage rage of causing reactions.

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This has been a cool week. Several times this week I have came across small little things that seemed to glow golden.

The wolf spider has golden marks. It’s actually one of the prettiest spiders I’ve ever seen. Such a subtle beauty that these pictures just don’t do Justice of. The light markings on the legs and the golden dash down it’s back.

I’m not sure of these two species of moths. But they were also very pretty and golden.


Some strings of blinking (and distant honking ; - ) Christmas lights in the sky a bit ago on my way back from the mailbox:


Do you know why one side of the V shaped formation is always longer?

Because there are more geese on that side.


Me and my cats. Snuggling while reading an anthology of coastal alabama writers.

An amanita mushroom that played a role in my fictional body horror visual tale on IG xd.

An exoskeleton on a exoskeleton with a spider sleeping inside of it.

Not sure what they are. Was dozens of them.

I picked about 5lbs of oyster mushrooms in 1 hour.

Lots of lovely browns of fall perennials.

I collected these for my collection. Really like these “woody” mushrooms.

Purple potatoes, jalapeños, cherry tomatoes, sweet onions, chicken of the woods mushrooms, and chipotle seasoning with some liquid smoke.

A really pretty small moth.


I was not sure what species it was. I was fairly certain it was not a black widow, but not completely because all the ones I’ve seen were a good ten times larger and female with the blueberry body and I was not sure what a young small male would like.

Anyways posted it to fb and turns out it’s a red spotted ant mimic. I think maybe I’ve seen this species one time before. Not sure.

You can see the planets in this one. Though not visible the Capricorn is between the two outer planets.

Saw some deer while finishing up. Was several of them. A handful more already went through. Poor babies were really confused and darting back and forth the road trying to find out where to do. I think the lights obviously played a role. So I make clicking sounds and whistles and they instantly snapped out of it and all darted off into the other side.


Woods and farm next door in the sun, and an unusual cloud formation. The trees remind me of Ents and Huorns, though I imagine redwoods and sequoias would be more appropriate for the image!


Those clouds look freshly raked.


These creation photos are out of this world!


Beautiful. Hard to pick a favorite, they are all so amazing.


Recently went on nice hike. Went on a long one I did not enjoy because it was 36 miles and spanned two days. But ankther was just 6 miles in the same place and spent ankther night sleeping in the shelter there. Spent the night listening to bigfoot horror stories lol. Shared the shelter with two people who were about half way through their 400 mile hike lol.

We started talking about spirituality and we all ended up being Christians. One of them joked about how if the rapture happened within 2 weeks we just meet up here with all our ID books and edible mushrooms books and wait out until Jesus returned.

I kept silent about having different views on it. Never talked about evolution. The bulk of the hours of conversation was horror movies and them warning me of a weird guy they met that threatened them with a knife because he thought they were laughing at him. So I warned them that about 40 miles south there is a violent homeless guy that disappears into the woods and lives out there in this area where he brings abandoned fridges and props them up to sleep in them like a tent.


A year ago after watching the news of the violence in the US capitol all night, I got up before dawn and drove to my favorite stretch of beach and took a walk down the beach in a drizzle as far as you can go south. As the sky started getting light it looked more and more dramatic. In the last photo the sun is fully up on the landscape and the world started feeling normal again. I hope we can all feel that about this country again soon.


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