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That looks like one of the more generic groups, but moths are not my specialty.

I have relatively extreme myopia, and I can see five, typically. Without my glasses, I cannot tell they are there at all. Without my glasses, I am legally blind (+8.5-9 diopters), but can see fine sculpture on tiny shells when they are about an inch from the end of my nose.

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Hail, fellow myopian well met! I lost my own specs recently and went about a week without any until new ones came in. The world was one big Van Gogh painting (movie?) all week long.


I think it’s also fun to look at Christmas trees without my contacts or glasses. All those lights look like a mass of different colors and fill up the whole tree

I remember getting my first pair of glasses and discovering trees had leaves and my 6th grade teacher had wrinkles. And you are right, Christmas trees are great without glasses! Age is a bear. Working overhead where the bifocal area does not work is tough. Seeing the screw heads in that lighting fixture is difficult. Then, cataracts.


I got my first at almost four.

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So was notified that a particular snake im looking for was spotted 2 hours northeast of me. Trying to dig up the motivation to get up at 4am and head there. Already tired. Been off 4 days in the last 2 1/2 months basically. Been working nonstop everyday for the last 18 days. Been working through books trying to fine tune a good location. Kind of hard because the trails often go 18-20 miles and many references are unmarked unnamed dirt roads.


Everyone always says they dream of a white Christmas. Me too. The white sands of the gulf and 60-70°s temps xd. The Holly has fairly orange berries. I held up some traditional red colored ones to try to help show the difference. Looking forward to coming to this more often. It’s a peninsula and series of small islands. It also had a few species of rattlesnakes and copperheads here as well. Looking forward to finding some Timbers and Diamond backs.


That is pretty country you have there.

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It was a nice place.

The view from an old fort.

The nest of an Osprey. They always find these tall dead trees and build one where they can just scan everywhere and have all the warning from anything that walks or crawls.

Not sure what species these are. Both were lovely though.

An old sand live oak. The skeletal remain has very cool texture and patterns. Though there was a few branches on one side that still had what it needed layer wise to survive.

A sea slug. It’s been eating lots of red algae because it’s ink was reddish purple.

A view as I was leaving of the sandy beach , very isolated. Several miles down a small road on the peninsula with no parking for a few miles in each direction for many parts.


This part is not quite part of creation but it’s part of our own. Quite claustrophobic too. At one point it really was kicking in and was regretting my choices. Had to take some deep breaths and push forward. Literally.

At the beginning it’s about 5’6 feet tall. So I’m hunched over. It’s pitch black except for your own light. It goes about 50 feet. Then it gets to that drop down y off and drops to about 3’6. At this point it’s easier to crawl.

This is the roughly 3’6 inch door. This is about 80 feet long.

Last you get to a really small spot. It’s about 50 feet long and it’s roughly 18x22 inches. It’s tight enough you’re having to army crawl. My head is sideways near the ground. Push with my feet and both of my arms was touching the walls.


What is it to or from, or about?

Lead from the deep interior of a fort out into sand dunes. Or rather it lead to another smaller concrete building hidden in the sand dunes.

I imagine it was in case the putter walls was overran that the families inside could flee into the interior and then out into the sand dunes so they could possibly hide or get away. There was other underground passages as well.


Before (you’ve seen before):


Ready for winter? Nah. (We may have record high temps tomorrow.)

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Hm, how high? Hope you have fun!

74°F (23°C)  


This is from hiking out to a and fort from the 1830s. I’m pretty exhausted. Hiking 6 miles in one direction through sand and then hiking 2 hours through sand dunes for around 2-3 miles and then 8-9 miles back along the coast in sand is tiring. It essentially took my entire day. But without a boat or kayak that’s the only way there and so it’s the path I took this time. The scenery was very beautiful though and I hardly came across anyone else.

Found a “mermaid’s purse” of some kind of skate. It’s a egg case that holds eggs of some species of ray like sea creature that washed up.

At the old fort I found some of the underground parts and climbed and crawled around like like half a hour and almost thought I may just end up collecting wood and camping out but decided not to and muster through back to my van.

It was also in the mid 70°s here today as well. Though once you’re in sand dunes that often tower 10-20 feet and wind is dropping down and the sun is beating down it feels a lot hotter.


Snow this last Tuesday. It is not as warm here as in Alabama, but it did melt by Thursday, with a high around 45.


Venus Jupiter, Saturn, and the moon just now. Poor pic but pretty sight


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