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Finally found some delicious gopher apples to eat.

First time, that I can recall, finding a pine that fell over with the branches growing up off it. Presuming the trunk does not die, eventually the limbs will grow so large upright that they will themselves look like individual trees as opposed to what they really are, branches. Normally with trees like magnolias, as the limbs grow larger and larger they push the trunk to the ground and then as that dies they will often root themselves and become standalone. However, I’ve never seen this with pines but I marked the location and over the years I’ll keep coming back to it.

The other is just topography. I placed the branch there to help highlight the divot. Often people see these mushrooms, the woody ones of the Ganodermas growing out of the ground with no tree around really and think it’s just coming out of the soil. But most of the time they are growing off the roots left behind. These divots end up looking like they are filled in ofer time from leaves getting in and making it appear flush to the ground. This spot will also collect more water and the old roots left behind really helps hold the moisture. These slots will actually be slightly warmer than the surrounding area and in early fall if you come back to them and begin to disturb the leaves you’ll find snakes sleeping or resting in them. It allows a larger snake to be hidden because you don’t realize it’s a hole that’s 3-4 inches deep. They can just curl up into side snd be in their own micro climate.

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If you took that I am impressed … again.

Tagging @LM77 Liam arachnophile. :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t wait until I am able to get a decent camera with some good macro lens and a stand lol. Then I’ll be able to really get some quality pics. I see a lot of cool things and get shots but they are so blurry that they are barely worth awakening the memories I have of it.

Some are blurry but some I like.

But I think my all time favorite shot was this one.

All of them from my iPhone 7+.

I am glad that I get the chance to come across so many cool things. Even sounds. I have hundreds of videos that are focused on various sounds. What I wish I could collect was the scents. But coming across cool things is just as much luck from the amount of time I’m outside. I don’t share a lot of things. But some of my favorite images are actually leafminer tracks on foliage. Seeing how they interact with the veining of the leaf. Creatures so small they hide between the layers of a leaf.


And an excellent example of sexual dimorphism.


Winged Sumac with a close up of the sticky sour substance used to make “sumac lemonade”.

Gem studded puffball.

Shot of the scenery. Some kind of pea vine against the backdrop of the wetlands.

Baby American alligator. About 18 inches long.

The “ Cottonmouth Water Moccasin”. It’s mouth gaping showing off why it’s called the cotton mouth. The bright white interior with there folded up fangs. Was about a foot way when I was able to get the pic. Really pretty pretty species. Venomous.


Ooh, cottonmouth. What would you do if you were bitten?

Probably drive to the doctors and park outside and wait to see if it released any venom when it bit me.

Might you not be the better part of an hour or more from your vehicle? How fast does the venom take effect, i wonder. And what kind of boots do you wear? It does look like you would have to almost step directly on one for it to strike, and you are obviously aware of your surroundings. But still…

Above my bookshelf is the perfect place to see my combination of horror and nature to come together. My collection of no perishable or slowly to perish findings.

As mentioned in other places I don’t believe in magic and so the tarot cards are a non issue to me. I am a big fan of the artist who designed them though, Patrick Valencia, and so I have a signed copy of his Deviant Moon Deck. Creepy horror inspired art style. The jar of buds is from catnip not pot just in case it came up. I found a washed up large, about 7 foot long piece of driftwood on a island a while back but had no way to reasonably bring it back. It was full of clams as wel that were dead. I dragged it to a secure spot and staked it down and soon it will be brought back to my house and cut in half on a table saw long ways and mounted to my wall.

From what I hear I have a 1 in 4 chance of no venom ( dry bite ) and a even better chance of low venom bites. I pay attention pretty well. If I do get bit I can call a park ranger , I know several and their offices for that trail, and on the other side of that trail there is a 24 hour emergency center that carries some of the local typical anti venom. If I even need it. But it will be whatever it is. I only have so much control over what happens.

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I’ve come about as close as you can to that with almost no danger potential: stepping 6 inches above a cottonmouth with a boardwalk in between. It poked its head out, and I got some pictures.


Speaking of creations this is a meal I really like.

Sautéed pineapple chunks that marinated in liquid smoke and chipotle seasoning. A smoky spicy but sweet taste. Grilled asparagus and a handful of puffball mushrooms I found earlier while hiking.


One of my rare posts. Two doves on the roof:


White turtlehead flower, “Chelone glabra.”


I’m thinking it’s “ Zigadenus glaberrimus “ the very toxic sand bog deathcamas that even a single flower eaten could possibly kill an adult.

Green lynx spider on a white top pitcher plant trying to avoid some rain.

A large cicada.


A cicada? Loud?


Yeah. But it made no sound. Was hiding out from the storm. Water started pouring down super hard. But the entire place was empty and I am born witch so I can be in water lol. Byproduct of the hurricane ida.

How much of that is hitting you? Hope you have a solid basement to retreat to unless you’re getting flooding. Do you feel safe?

I’m getting the east side of it so it’s not that bad. It’s still has been raining for over 24 hours now. The creek has rose about 13 feet. No one has basements here. Water level is to high. I imagine I’ll be ok short of another tornado blowing through.

I’m mostly just so used it. Every year 3-5 hurricanes and dozens of tornadoes come through. A tornado came through earlier about 1/4 mile from me. A tree was knocked over. But the next street over someone had their roof ripped off.

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