Creation Photos Around the World

Old Man of the Woods Mushroom. Edible Bolete. Found often around pines and oaks mixed forests. More pines down south though.

Some really cute recently hatched baby alligators. So tiny.


Some bird called a purple something.


Purple Gallinule is the bird.


American Lady butterfly. I hope I wasn’t responsible for the battered wing.


Wow! Do their parents (or is there only a mother?) leave them to fetch for themselves? Or are the parents hunting for food?

I don’t know if the mother hunts for them or not. But she stays with them for many years. I’ve seen them 2-3x this size hunting little frogs and stuff though.


These are from a hike yesterday. Just some smaller wildflowers. Today has been a long day. Woke up at 130am. Went to the gym. Got to work at 330am. Worked until 330pm. Came home and started working on my roof pulling out rows of older 1 1/2 inch screws and replacing them with 3 inch newer roofing screws. Just came inside finally. Debating on if I want to do my planks. Even though it’s on on four sides, 2 sets each of 2 minutes. So it does not take long. Just also starving and definitely not doing it after eating. Did not eat breakfast. Ate a soup and some grapes for lunch at 1130am. I actually bought a little thing of watermelon and an apple on my way home from work at 330 and ate it driving home. But still just starving now. Craving coffee too for some reason thought I hardly drink it and only in the morning. Or maybe I’m craving chocolate milk lol. Or both XD.

The hike was relaxing though. It’s definitely a stress reliever for me to hike for at least an hour a day. Though entire time working on my roof I’ve been listening to a horror book that’s sort of a natural ecology / cosmic terror called “The Swarm”.


I think it is an lesser stag beetle (Dorcus parallelipipedus).

In Dutch we call it “klein vliegend hert”, small/little flying deer. “Small” to make clear that it is different from “vliegend hert”, the flying deer (Lucanus cervus).


Collected about 4lbs worth of mushrooms in a 2 hour hike. Seen about 3x as many but stopped at that point

. It’s mostly chanterelles, but also some old man of the woods and lilac boletes.


Found some nice Amanita yesterday showing to cook for breakfast. It’s most likely the Amanita jacksonii but it’s definitely in the Amanita section caesareae.

Another one. Most likely in the yellow patch group.

These are Amanita canescens.

Not sure of this one. Someone with Alabama’s Mushroom Society is going to collect some of these today and do a genome sequencing on them for their degree. But it seems to be some sort of carrot footed Amanita. It’s one that they’ve not sequenced out here yet.

This genus is a really cool one and so diverse. So many different colors and flavors. Have some that can be used for drugs or therapy. Have some that even if you boiled it for a day if you ate a few bites you’ll die without a organ transplant and some that have to be cooked properly to be eaten and a few that are some of the very few consumed raw in the world. All in the same genus. All growing in the same area.


I couldn’t help to marvel at this juxtaposition