Creation: Of God, Through God, and To God

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Often times, discussions of process are seen as discussions of origin, when they are decidedly different.
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How I envy the parishioners at Park Church in Charleston to have Claude as their pastor! He not only has the background and training to be a good shepherd, he has been ‘tried in the furness of bitter experience’ in life and thus can relate effectively and humbly to other people’s tragedies. By his own testimony: "my father with all of his medical training and a trainer of doctors himself, and I with all of my theological training, all of the God talk in my head—we both sat in that room and my brother was dead. None of our collective training, none of our understanding of process, mattered. We had to accept mystery." That is strong stuff!

Many of the scientists I have known have become quite adept at totally controlling all the factors in their experiments. That could get us to thinking that we are in total control of our lives as well. Sometimes, after exerting all the human effort possible, it is just more healthful, mentally, to ‘let go’ and let the good Lord take change.
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