Creation Museum on the creation of sun and moon

I forgot this one. Paintings that depict the six days, with creation of the sun and moon on the fourth day.

Remember, this museum cost on the order of 30 million dollars. As a historian of science, I see the power of biblical literalism in the lives of YECs because taking Genesis literally ensures that Revelation will also be a literal promise Christ will return to clean up this mess of a world human beings have created, with chaos and violence being the YEC focus.


Great photo…and yes, the museum is well done…no expense spared. I enjoyed it, even though ? about some of its ideas. As for Revelation being literal, I would say that that book is a mess. But a physical return of Christ can be believed in based on other biblicaL statements, even if one is hard-pressed to comprehend the details.


In the Nicene creed we say, “He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead…”

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Thanks, BeagleLady!! I like the Nicene creed…

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We’ll be doing a 10-part series on the Nicene creed in theology class! (via zoom). It sounds pretty intense!

Where are you taking theology? at your church or a seminary? Yes, it does sound intense…but profitable.

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At church. We have a theologian in residence who is also a seminary teacher.

I’m sure it will be recorded on zoom so I can send you links if you want. Wait about 4 weeks and then remind me.

That would be great…but in a month I will be in the wilds of western Wyoming —contemplating, perhaps not the Nicene Creed but creation from another perspective!!!..well, hope to hear/read more about it from you on this site some time!! Thanks for the info. It sounds like a great class. Would love the links.

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Yes, I’d have to ask about that too… The idea of Christ returning, you would classify as a belief requiring some kind of fundamentalist “biblical literalism”?

No, I’d say it’s a core Christian belief.

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