Creation DVD recommendations?

(Laura) #1

I grew up watching the “Wonders of God’s Creation” DVDs by Moody Publishing and really enjoyed them, but they were fairly dated at the time (one highlighted Mary Lou Retton’s perfect 10 vault), and so would be even more so now.

I realize National Geographic probably has some great nature videos out there too, but I was curious whether anyone has any recommendations that explore creation from a Christian perspective while not feeling the need to be all anti-evolution in the process?


(Christy Hemphill) #2

We watched a Louie Giglio video about space. I think it was this one, Indescribable.

Not Christian, but we enjoyed Blue Planet, Human Planet and Africa, which are nature videos by BBC.

(Laura) #3

Oooh, I had no idea Louie Giglio had made one… that looks really good. Thanks!