COVID Cure Cocktail? Does this actually work?

I need some help from some scientific friends! I’m stuck on this one. Some loved ones around me are telling me about this cure for COVID being promoted by Peter Mccullough. I assumed it was not proven to work, but here it is on what seems to be a website linked to the NIH?

Can someone explain to me whether this cure is proven to make a difference in the USA? Here in Australia doctors aren’t allowed to prescribe some of the medicine mentioned in the list. Others of them are used, but only in hospitalized patients. I assume this is for a very good reason. But if the treatment is as successful as they claim, I don’t see why we can’t use it for those who are scared of vaccines?

Any explanation would be helpful! Thanks!

I’m surprised that’s there. He is not an immunologist nor reputable.

(If you’re talking about hydroxychloroquine, that’s a no-go.)

In several media interviews, McCullough has spread misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.



That’s what I thought, too. It certainly seems more credible when found on this website. It seems strange, especially considering hydroxychloroquine is not safe for use in COVID patients.



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