COVID anti vaxers

This article from a Christian website has me depressed tonight. Not the article itself, but the comments section. It is almost wall to wall conspiracy theories, paranoia and calling scientists, including Francis Collins, sellouts, apostates, and wolves in sheep’s clothing.
This is what we are up against. I’ve seem estimates that over half of us will refuse to get the vaccine once it is available. It makes me sad and I just had to vent.


Sounds about par for the course for many people I know personally.

An interesting question is how much “immunity” will we need to keep each person from spreading the virus to less than one other person? Here is one chart with some estimates:

There are various things that can lower the effective ‘HIT’ (or herd immunity threshold as this chart puts it). You can say wear face masks as this chart suggests:

Or you can just have people reducing social contacts:

Generally speaking, we wouldn’t need 100% compliance, but how high or low, we aren’t sure:


I don’t blame you for feeling like that. Of course, the comments sections of many websites can be terrible, especially when groups of comment warriors gets sent over from a private group somewhere. But when you also see the same kinds of sentiments expressed from people you know on social media, it’s disheartening. On the bright side, it looks like at least a few people have showed signs of elation and relief at the fact that the BioLogos statement exists… so let’s hope that keeps happening.


I believe a large percentage of those comments are from Russian bots, not actual Christians. Any article on vaccines in Christian media draws them out in droves. It is a highly coordinated disinformation campaign.

If you click on the profiles of the posters, nearly all of them have only one comment ever and 0 followers. That means they are not regular readers of Christian Post. The ones I saw that had two had almost verbatim nonsense posted on other articles. I am betting most aren’t real people.

Interesting. Makes me have a little more hope for humanity. With most of these people I meet in real life, I just tell them thanks, leaves more for the rest of us. Life is too short to argue with them.

I agree. Sad and depressing to see what’s become of the church of my youth.

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That is a conspiracy theory I find highly compelling. We have documented experience with Russian bots interfering in the 2016 election.

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