COVID-19 Infected Many More Americans in 2020 than Official Tallies Show

News from Francis’ desk:

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And death counts worldwide have been grossly undercounted, especially is countries like India and Mexico, where the death rate is triple the official numbers. I guess Florida is taking their lead on statistics.

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No doubt the numbers are far greater. I have been doing Covid testing in a drive through site, and it is pretty much routine that out of a family of several symptomatic people, only one will get tested. They figure if one has it, they all have it. In fact, in my own family, several of my grandkids were symptomatic, but only one was tested and confirmed. They are all doing well now, thankfully.


Same here with extended family. People think, why get out of bed and leave the house when you are just going to be told to rest in bed and isolate?

In another branch of the family all did get tested, but even though they all had symptoms at the same time, only one came back positive and two members came back negative twice after being tested and retested.

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The total effect of this thing is beyond massive. I just heard about this yesterday (tag me if there’s a paywall):

It also reminded me, hey, I only have one kidney. :slightly_smiling_face: I never really think about it, even when I post my nephrectomy account.

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I have a friend who had some pre-existing renal disease, who went into acute renal failure a couple of weeks after Covid. Not sure if causative or coincidental, however.

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I can’t :white_heart: that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think even now we’re just beginning to realize the full horror of this pandemic.

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