Covid 19: Don't let your guard down

CT from a 19-year-old in Tennessee, who had an unremarkable case of COVID-19, then her entire left kidney stopped working because it clotted off. Vascular surgeons discussing her care (see comments) describe patients who have had negative COVID-19 tests, came up later positive for antibodies, and clotted off their entire arm.
For those of you planning your parties and your unmasked political rallies and your fraternity keggers, just know that while you’re celebrating the end of this hoax, we in the medical world are continuing to pore over the mounting case reports of organ destruction, limbs dying from getting clotted off, and bleeding disasters from COVID-19 in young and middle aged adults.  we are trying to figure out how to manage these complications which we’ve never seen from one disease before. I have patients who can’t breathe right months after their diagnosis, have headaches every day, and whose energy level three months after infection is all the way back up to 60%. Please wear a mask.

-Richie Huntington

( Hat Tip to Nicko Matzo)


Good reminder. Death is not the end point of Covid most often. another article about long term problems from the Italian perspective shows about 60% are still having problems: "Among the first 750 patients screened, some 30 percent still have lung scarring and breathing trouble. The virus has left another 30 percent with problems linked to inflammation and clotting, such as heart abnormalities and artery blockages. "


Someone in my Facebook universe said her neighbor’s 12 year old faced possible amputation of both feet because they had become gangrenous after an unremarkable case of COVID. It is such a crazy sickness.


How can I ‘Like’ that. :disappointed_relieved:

Strange because i have heard a lot of doctors here say that it doesnt have that much impact in the younger population.

Nick, I am sure for the majority it does not have a big effect, but for a small number, the effects are severe. Sort of like car wrecks. Most people walk away, but some are killed and many are maimed.


I guess we need more emoticons besides the heart.


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