Cool story about 11 yr old scientist to share with your kids

@Homeschool_Forum My kids got a kick out of this article about a girl who invented a new way to test for lead in drinking water. I’m always looking for these kind of stories to hold up scientists as people who help make the world better. It’s even more fun when the scientists are children. :slight_smile:


It’s amazing what kids are doing these days! Have you seen the video about relativity explained by a high school student?


Update on the story of the girl who invented a portable water tester:

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Yeah that’s really amazing what modern kids do and what they are interested in. I think that this is impact of modern technology and information. They are really helpful if use it right=)


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Hi Christy,

It’s indeed something incredible when kids create such things that we’ve never thought about before and understand matters that are far from adults’ perception. Last month I followed Kids Invent Stuff channel on YouTube - it inspires a lot of my students and motivates them to think over their own stuff. Here’s one of their testing videos - The ultimate school bag physics. Hope you enjoy it too.


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Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: