Continuing with my thoughts on the penrose hypothesis

continuing with my thoughts on the penrose hypothesis
Beta tubin 3 is specific to the brain and the male gonads and the brain closely resembles that organ according to scientific studies and then there is the question of how a mere physical interaction between the parents can generate a human with a soul, given that it is everything physical as something physical creates spirit, god sends spirits from heaven, what nonsense.
And if that is because in some way the quantum entanglement that basically endows the body with the spirit according to the hypothesis, extends to the sperm and therefore they remain connected to the father’s soul, and then during conception they interact quantumly with the ovum occurring there an interaction not only genetic and physical but also of spirits and that is what creates a new spirit?
By the way, I don’t know why it takes so long to prove whether the hypothesis is false or true. It would be enough to change the genes of tubulins in some animal for genes of human tubulins and see if it develops consciousness only with that, it sounds unethical, but if it is the name of science and medicine…

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