Continuing the discussion from [Faith in God protecting us and Dark Forest Theory](

Continuing the discussion from Faith in God protecting us and Dark Forest Theory:

Doesn’t follow. The distances between stars is too great for that. I think travel between stars MIGHT be possible. But stellar empires? No. Moving vast materials between stars star systems? No. Any visitors would be vastly out-numbered. The advantage would be ours. Frankly there is more danger that such a visit would only provide us with access to their technology as well as a knowledge of THEIR existence – not to mention the motivation to do something about it.

FTL is pure fantasy.

In general I wouldn’t think much of an argument like this. But in this case, I think science agrees with this conclusion.

I used to think that Jesus was God’s salvation for humans and that other intelligent being could be saved by any method of his choosing.

In reading scripture more I’ve come to feel that Jesus reconciles all things, not just humans. I would be fascinated to see how God reveals himself to them, if indeed another intelligent species exists.

My other thoughts are that the larger galaxy/universe is accessible to us, we’re just not there yet. Much like plumbing, telescopes, microscopes, calculus, powered vehicles, flight, orbit, and space travel we would get there through a series of advancements. Not directly FTL travel as a ship exceeding light speed but bending space time around a vessel or wormholes, or something we haven’t thought of.

These things are so cool to think about.

No. This comes from a misunderstanding of relativity. The speed of light is not a speed limit. There is no limit to how fast you can get to a destination if you spend enough energy. The problem is the structure of space-time, where no matter how fast you go, other people will always see you traveling less than the speed of light - and thus that much time passes at home. It makes star travel a one way trip and large payloads insanely expensive. FTL travel and FTL communication is not even logically coherent in that context – equivalent to time travel which is full of logical contradictions.

Human and Christian egocentrism and vanity which is also rather unreasonable. We have zero reason to think other intelligent beings need salvation or anything else from Christianity or humans. This is likely a delusion that comes from a misunderstanding Trinitarian doctrine, presuming that what we know of God is all there is to know of God, which is preposterous.

The structure of space time sends a different message: the rest of the universe is none of our business and always will be. We might be able to visit other places in our future light cone, but ideas of human conquest and domination are pure fantasy. And the vast majority of space time (not in our future light cone) is inaccessible, except to watch what has already happened.

It is better to put your faith in the Bible than to put your faith in fantasies like Star Trek.

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