Constantine: Was his conversion to Christianity genuine?

Prominent/militant atheists insist that the Roman emperor Constantine never really converted to Christianity, pretended to adopt the faith as a political ploy and created the Bible at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. And all these claims are total garbage.

A reasonable atheist from the History for Atheists YouTube channel sets the record straight:

Constantine and the Bible

This is long but interesting. I’m sure you’ve heard some of the claims.

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Who is the intellectual authority in italics?

I thought we were not supposed to question the authenticity of the Christianity of other people on this forum?

LOL :laughing:

Mostly joking of course… though I have never understood why common courtesies don’t apply to people who are famous or historical. Frankly when we are talking about people from so long ago, are we not even on more shaky ground – having even less information upon which to make a sound judgement?

Seems to me that rulers like this have SO MUCH on their plate, it has got to be difficult to just think about their own personal salvation.

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I think Constantine was on the Roman forum rather than this one. You do have a point however. I think Constantine is fair game because he played a historically important role in the history of the church, but would agree we should hesitate to judge those who lived in the past.


My post before was a knee-jerk reaction to the title.

But don’t let that detract from the point of this thread, which is the fabulous video linked in the OP. WOW! VERY COOL!

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Yes, Constantine’s conversion was genuine. I posted this video because I have the feeling that our newest interlocutor might be bringing some of these myths up.

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