Congratulations, Dr. Collins

Having just watched the Templeton Prize ceremony, I am filled with emotion. It was a beautiful ceremony, and an inspiring talk by Francis on harmony, love, science and faith. Thanks to the John Templeton Foundation and Templeton Prize, Biologos, Tom Wright, and all the other distinguished speakers, including ex Presidents from both parties. Let peace reign, and may God see us through. Amen.


I agree. Great shareable content from the event is now up on youtube and easy to find with a search of “Collins Templeton Prize”

Looks like you could watch the whole event via a series of videos there, including the congratulatory comments made by NT Wright, Jane Goodall, Barak Obama, George W. Bush and Surgeon General Jerome Adams, as well as the musical interludes with Renee Fleming

Inspiring speech. Despite his humble words to the contrary, Dr. Collins indeed belongs in the company of those laudable past recipients.

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