Climate Change, Environmentalism and Scripture

I have liked nature all my life, which is why I was horrified by this blog post by Brian Godawa:

I am equally horrified by the fact that he has actually written for BioLogos before.

Anyway, I was looking for a counter to the claims he makes here.

Rhetoric such as this really gives Jews and Christians a bad name. What is the evidence for Climate Change, some degree of animal cognition from science, and how can we back up responsible treatment of nature through scripture?

This is not to say I don’t believe humans are uniquely made in the Image of God, but I believe there should be responsible treatment of nature too.

My impression was that he was not defending misuse of natural resources, but was criticizing the overreaction and deification of nature by Howard. Perhaps he is a little dramatic but he is a writer. What in particular horrifies you?

Pretty much a standard issue, anthropogenic warming skeptic. Cites terribly bad references in that area. “Exposing Big Green corruption”? Sheesh.

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Promoting climate change denialists such as Alex Epstein and and the Cornwall foundation. Claiming it is ‘science denial’ to claim that carbon use is linked to pollution. Conspiracy theories regarding scientists being paid to deny science. Treating protecting the environment and wildlife, and messages supporting it in media as ‘earth worship’, ‘idolatry’ and ‘contrary to the bible’. chiefly the latter. Which I feel gives the bible and the believers thereof a bad name.

Thanks for expanding your thoughts. I have to admit, those sources are just not on my radar and I am unfamiliar with them. I agree there is a lot of stuff out there in the blogosphere that is troublesome, as evidenced by the “evangelical” label discussion. On the other hand, just because you disagree with one position, does not make other areas of writing invalid. Otherwise we would have a tough time with Augustine, Calvin, and Luther.

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Maybe you’re right. As it happens I do agree with him on a lot of other things.

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