Clarifying the Differences Between Intelligent Design and Evolutionary Creationism

I’m still kind of new here, and it would be helpful for me to know the differences between both groups of people. If I’m not mistaken, it seems that ID is like “God of the gaps” whereas EC doesn’t rely on that idea. I think this information would be helpful when I’m trying to explain these things to my friends and family from church.

If you want to know how BioLogos is wrong about almost everything we write about ID, you should read all Eddie’s posts, as he is a most passionate ID apologist. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you want to know what we think the main issues are, there are some articles on the website:


What an excellent quote on Intelligent Design:

“In contrast to EC, YEC, and OEC, Intelligent Design (ID) does not explicitly align itself with Christianity. It claims that the existence of an intelligent cause of the universe and of the development of life is a testable scientific hypothesis.”

" ID arguments often point to parts of scientific theories where there is no consensus and claim that the best solution is to appeal to the direct action of an intelligent designer."

" At BioLogos, we believe that our intelligent God designed the universe, but we do not see scientific or biblical reasons to give up on pursuing natural explanations for how God governs natural phenomena. We believe that scientific explanations complement a robust theological understanding of God’s role as designer, creator, and sustainer of the universe."

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