Christians Doing Creation Care

We’d love to hear stories of Christians doing creation care.

News stories, organizations, anyone you look up to or are following that we may not know about beyond the big ones (A Rocha, EEN/YECA, Au Sable, etc.)!


Though not any one particular name, not are just average people doing there own thing but often native plants movements in the Bible Belt are driven by Christians. Same as with a lot of Seventh Day Adventists will be big into animal welfare since many are vegetarian and you’ll find them taking about how growing feed crops for animals take up so much space in addition to their own living fields vs crops for human consumption and so on. Or how cereal with grain milk is less devastating on the land than bacon and eggs with milk. When I go hiking I see benches and swings routinely donated to the hiking trail by various youth groups and churches.

I guess I don’t know for sure if these are Christian’s, but I always just assumed probably based off of the name and location. I see them online often but never been to their sites. It’s a animal sanctuary.

This was one I was hearing about to how in Ethiopia many churches are actually surrounded forests that they protect and manage on their land.


Think the bishop of my diocese has divested from fossil fuels.

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The western church should learn from the Ethiopians here. In my country, the CofE has one of the lowest tree covers of any landowner.


Trying to volunteer at my local wildlife sanctuary.

Most places across the world now says don’t practice any sort of ecological landscaping. USA actually has a growing native plants movement but still most churches don’t really consider it part of their duty and so the landscaping is predominantly turf and boxwood. Not all areas need to be forests though. It also depends on the habitat type. Some should be following a forest design and some should be following a grassland design. But they all should emphasize native plants. Even a grassland can still have a few trees. Oaks are generally considered power plants.

How does that work exactly? Does he just not…live? As a former worker in fossil fuels, I understand that it seems almost impossible to completely “divest” unless they mean only in an investment sense?

I think he means in an ‘investment’ sense.

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Very interesting!! Tough to do, but noble.

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F.Y.I. The denomination I belong to (Mennonite) started a “creation care network”, see web link below:

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Does this offset the Christians Doing Creation Harm in any way?

Not really. Not yet? But it is something, a start I hope. It’s better, I think, than nothing, which has been the norm here my whole life.

Change starts small. And takes way, way too long. It also needs those who keep promoting the right focus, because cultures are change-resistant entities. But you already knew this.

I have to take encouragement where I can find it. So, I’ll take this, but not naively.

I think many/most of us (in the west at least) find ourselves within a church culture that desperately needs reorienting to “ faith expressed in love” and what that means in every facet of life. We are reorienting ourselves as well as institutions. We may mostly fail, but there is something of value in the trying.

We plod on.


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