Christians and Coronavirus

These are worth a listen (the first two are short ; – ). They talk about when civil disobedience is appropriate for Christians, and about trust, information and authority (an epistemic crisis), among other things. There should be one more coming in the next day or two, based on the dates of the ones here. (@LM77: Do you know of these guys, or Davenant Institute, Liam?)

Christians and Coronavirus

Hi Dale. Granted that I’m viewing this on my mobile, however, I can’t see a link anywhere :confused:

The last one is up, “Christians and Coronavirus, Part #6: How Should the Church Respond?” (I don’t know why the first video comes up instead of the playlist, which is the URL that I’m posting – you can click/tap the playlist icon in the upper right corner to get it.)

Here are the links to each separately (@LM77):

Christians and Coronavirus, #1: The Crisis Before Us (10:29)

Christians and Coronavirus, Part #2: Are They Allowed to Do That? (11:34)

Christians and Coronavirus, Part #3: When to Obey, When to Protest (26:03)

Christians and Coronavirus, Part #4: Tradeoffs: Lives, Livelihoods, and Freedoms (18:03)

Christians and Coronavirus, Part #5: Whom Do We Trust? (25:58)

Christians and Coronavirus, Part #6: How Should the Church Respond? (23:08)

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In number #6: What disinformation from leaders? Do you mean that we shouldn’t drink bleach and mainline Lysol? And docs, don’t forget to push hydroxychloroquine. (@moderators: edit or delete as necessary :woozy_face:)

These are really pretty good. Either they are so good, no comment is necessary, or, no one else has watched or listened any of them.

The whole thing has us on information overload, so don’t feel bad about it. I skimmed some of the last one, and they said some good stuff concerning building trust and being transparent. I missed the disinformation comment, and might suggest that is you want to discuss a specific topic mentioned, you might direct us to the time in the discussion it comes up, so we won’t have to listen to it all.
I get irritated with some of my friends and the pure false information they are posting on Facebook, but this morning was reading my wife’s memory verse she has taped to the ellipical machine, with the following portion hitting me:

Philippians 2 New International Version (NIV)

3 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.

Certainly, humility is hard for those of us who know better! And it helps to understand how many on the internet are speaking from self interest rather than the interests of others, whither out of fear of financial failure, loss of control of the situations, or trying to take advantage of the situation, politically or financially.

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