Charity in Lockdown?

NPR and other radio stations have appropriately expressed concern for many folks who will suffer for the necessary lockdown for the current coronavirus pandemic. What ways have you found to help your neighbors and the public at the large–across the country and world?

This is not to ignore the terrific suffering of others in Third World countries who already suffer from drought (Zambia) and locust swarms (East Africa), HIV, malaria and other problems. However, it’s one other way in which we can serve others as Christ did.



Neighborhood: Still trying to support our local restaurants! We used to go out about once a week, so we are trying to maintain that for takeout schedules.

We are also still continuing our scheduled/regular tithing/giving to our small church.

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That is a great way. I have talked with people from local community foundations who help with food and finances, too…it is amazing what they are doing.
Some of the local and central health and private company officials have worked tirelessly and sacrificially to save lives at tremendous material expense.
Worldwide, I am concerned, too, how those with fewer resources than the West are faring.

World Vision and Give Directly seem to be among those who are helping. Does anyone else know of other arms that help in that way?

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At my congregation the ones of us that are still working are doing our best to double our weekly giving and are focusing on using the money for primarily helping our congregation since about 60% of them are not working or have significantly reduced hours. I’ve cut back on what I typically eat and do to help fund others who can’t buy any food atm. It’s not major cutbacks. Instead of buying things like microwaveable rice I am buying dry rice and instead of buying seasoned beans in a can I am buying regular canned beans. It’s not a lot but it did reduce my grocery bill by $30 each week. I am also making sure that I eat the frozen and canned goods I already have. I’ve bought things in the past like artichoke hearts and water chestnuts that I don’t particularly like but I am writing them into my meal plans. I use to cook down like 6 cups of spinach into a serving size and now I’m using it dry as a salad where 1 cup meets my needs.

Then besides that one thing I’ve already been doing is cutting the grass of the elderly neighbors that can’t get out and do it or pay for it to be done. That’s really all about I can do.


Great! Like yours, our church is checking on needs of the congregation and asked us to put money in the deacons’ fund for them to share out.
Good for you.


Give Directly is a great org!

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Yes… I think I first heard of them on CT

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