Caves in which rebels hid during the Jewish War against the Romans Found

As the First Jewish War raged in ancient Palestine, villagers would hide in impressively inaccessible cliffside caves as the Roman armies marched through.
From Haaretz: Caves in which Jewish rebels hid from Romans 2,000 years ago found in Galilee
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Do visit the Holy Land if you ever get a chance!


I read The Jewish War by Josephus last year, and I remember he described the devastation left by the advancing Roman Army from 66 to 74 AD. I’m glad some of the Jewish villagers found refuge in those caves. I also think that those limestone caves are quite beautiful.

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Yeah, the Romans weren’t to bad as long as you stayed happy and peaceful after the initial round of killing, raping, burning, and enslavement. If I remember correctly, Israel had initially escaped that by becoming a client state. I’m also not entirely sure when the first Roman invasion of the Middle East failed. The point is, every day Jews probably had little appreciation for the methodical relentlessness of the legions and thus actually believed Jerusalem could hold out.

To the OP, how cool was the embedded arrowhead? Still there after 2,000ish years! Thanks for the link @beaglelady!

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Glad you enjoyed the articles. Here’s another: Temple from Hezekiah’s Time Found at Lachish

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