Cause for reflection: "If ___ could talk, would one say: ___?"

  • I came across

and wondered: If paramecia could talk, would one say: "We were created in the image of God" ?


Those are some pretty sophisticated concepts for a single-cell organism. I wonder…what could paramecia “think” about…? Maybe I am not following where you intend to go here, Terry.

For som reason, Luke 19:40 occurred to me,

”…the very stones will cry out.”

… not that they’re made in the image of God exactly (but some people are like them :grin:).

  • You aren’t.
  • Let’s start at the beginning.
    • The beginning is in the title of the thread: “Cause for reflection: “If ___ could talk, would one say ___?”
    • The two underlined blank spaces stand in place of alphabetic variables (Greek or English).
    • My reason for starting with two variables, was because initially, I actually wanted variables that would cover, literally, everything. And I figured the two underlined blank spaces would do quite nicely. For example: “If rocks could talk, would one say anything?”
    • Obviously, rocks can’t talk, and yet Jesus said:
      • “… from these stones God is able to raise up children to Abraham.”
      • And, "“I tell you that if these [people] should keep silent, the stones would immediately cry out.”
    • Rather than send everyone off on a merry chase for words to fill the underlined blank spaces, I “narrowed the chase” to “things that modern science already deems living”, such as: paramecium, plants, animals, but eventually and most relevantly, hominids and homo sapiens, because the key thing for the variable to say is: “We are in the image of God.”
    • Whatever the variable chosen, it needs–in order to tie back into Antoine’s focus–to be something that folks would say bears “the image of God”
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  • So,here’s the crux of the matter, IMO: At what point in the history of evolution did living things cease to be concupiscent, immune to illness, and immortal? Because, if they never ceased being concupiscent, immune to illness, and immortal, then has any living thing actually borne the image of God, or does somebody need to come up with a different different construct of it and myth of its origin…
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Thanks for clarifying.
I’ll stand aside and see what others venture.

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