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According to internet, founded in 1866, some 300 years after king Henry VIII.

I post at least one source about Benjamin Franklin religions views. And you kind things about his live in this Yale curse on American Revolution. I can’t open this page, but maybe you have access to it How Benjamin Franklin, a deist, became the founding father of ….

As to the source of vegetarianism in the West I would guess that it was a result of returning to ancient Greece philosophy, like pythagoreanism which was at least in part linked to their belief of reincarnation.

Also I was googling and find information that Franklin become vegetarian for part of his life, but latter abandon this practice. I don’t know, maybe this is true. Why did Benjamin Franklin become a vegetarian for a time?

According to Wikipedia Society of St. John the Evangelist

So it looks like Protestants in England pretty much wipe out monasteries for 300 years.

That’s what the previous post was about. How his faith, which at the time was Christianity, shaped his beliefs about the vegetarian diet. That’s tied directly into how later on in life he was one of the men to help introduce plant based alternatives, like tofu, to America.

It does not matter if he stopped being a vegetarian.
It does not matter if he became a deist.

It’s irrelevant to what my post was about.

To sum it up a final time.

Vegetarianism in the western world was hugely influenced and boosted by Christianity. The development and commercialization of cereal begin by vegetarians that also professed to be Christians. This plant based alternative had a big impact on the food market and making breakfast just as commonly a vegetarian meal as a meat based meal.

I then gave another example. Benjamin Franklin was raised a Christian. While younger, one thing his faith conceived him of was that a diet should be more plant based. This lead him to being more open to plant based alternatives , and something he repeatedly expressed a inward battle about. Later on, he gave up his belief in Christianity and begin to eat meat again. Though he begin to eat meat, he still talked about the goodness of vegetarianism. Later on in his life, as you can see by the things he put out, it went from Christianity to deism, and as he got older he begin to move back towards a less deistic faith. He went back to believing that God was an active creator involved in his creation. He expressed doubt that perhaps Jesus was not god. He expressed doubt in the divinity of Jesus, which is not crazy. Since people, myself including, believe that Jesus never existed until he was born as a man conceived by the Holy Spirit. As he got older, he learned more about himself and his father and God , his father, gave alm strength and authority to him.

Part of the reason why all of this got brought up is because I mentioned early on that we’ve all heard of meatless monday. I explained how science shows that by more people reducing their animal product and byproducts out of their diet it helps with environmentalism in many ways.

It was then suggest that small religious orders of monks and nuns played a stronger influence in the western world than groups such as the advents. I explained I disagreed because of how much cereal has influenced breakfast and so on. I don’t see the point, and find no joy or use in continuously explaining my statements in the absence of anything undermining it data wise.

Within my posts contained two links to Wikipedia pages with multiple researchable directions stemming from their about vegetarianism including how a Christian man started the first vegetarian organization in USA.

What I said was, “Some orders were restored after dissolution.”

And Queen Mary (“Bloody Mary”), coming to power after Henry VIII , actually abolished the Anglican Church and restored Roman Catholicism for a time in the country. Things were in flux for some time. The Tudor prayer books underwent many changes. Henry VIII was more interested in politics than theology, although we did get an English bible under him. So we didn’t get a fully-formed church in one fell swoop.

Your Christian Heritage Website is suspect because the author has such a low opinion of anybody who isn’t a Christian. The truth is, Franklin, as well as other founding fathers, were Deists. Faith is a gift and I don’t judge others who don’t share my faith. Because of the founding fathers, we have religious liberty and can practice any faith we choose. Or no faith at all. We should be thankful for that.

My point was that those living in monasteries were practicing a vegetarian diet early on. Corn flakes is pretty much processed corn. And while cold cereal is a big part of the American diet, people were eating porridge long before that. And corn was first cultivated in the Americas by Native Americans.

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