Can you recommend a middle school BIble curriculum?


@Homeschool_Forum Hello all, I’m new here. We’re a progressive Christian family, who believes in an old earth and evolution. I’d like my children to dig deeper into the Bible as well, but I’m having a hard time finding a curriculum that does not try to disprove evolution. Suggestions? I’m specifically looking for something for my upcoming seventh grader. Thank you.


We have been using Bible Road Trip. It’s basically a Bible survey students complete over the course of 3 years. Students work book-by-book, using their Bibles and Bible handbooks. They also learn about needs around the world and how they might pray. It can be downloaded for free. It’s designed to be used with students of multiple ages, so everyone studies the same thing, but at different levels of depth. I didn’t see any explicit teaching on creationism or evolution. I’d love to hear what you end up using!

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For Middle School and High School ages, acessible online.