Can the past be changed?

I saw once a movie with the actor Tyrone Power. I suppose I am telling my age. Mr. Power was playing an American who inherited an estate in London, England. The year was 1940. When he first arrived at his house, he was amazed to find a portrait over his drawing room fire place of a man who looked just like him. A friend came by and they were talking about the amazing similarity about the portrait and him. His friend replied that he must have been an ancestor. Family tradition said it was and the ancestor was always doing strange experiments that were ahead of his time. Mr. Power accompanied his friend to the front door and went outside with him. After his friend left, Tyrone turned and touched his door nob and lightning struck him. When he came to himself, he was dressed in late eighteenth century clothes and the portrait he know of in 1940 was not over the fireplace. You see it had then still not be painted. Does this reflect a view that time can be changed or it cannot be changed? Remember Mr. Scrooge’s question to the ghost of Christmas Future: Oh spirit, are these the shadows of things that will be or are they these the things that might be? If the future cannot be changed (or the past), why are you showing me these things? Could I go back to 1963 and prevent the death of Jack Kennedy, or have I already done it and failed because I had been there already?

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