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[First and foremost, God the Father reveals Godself in Jesus Christ and not in any book or thing.]

God the Father reveals Godself in Jesus the Messiah (Savior) and the Logos, Whose Witness is found in the Bible, Nature, and the Church. Thus according to this belief the understanding of theology and nature should be consistent with each other, which it is not if the evolution of life is based on reconciliation and harmony, but conflict.

Also according to the philosophy of science the universe is a cosmos meaning that the universe is a harmonious whole. Thus there should not be a conflict between the Christian understanding of the universe and the scientific view of the universe, because Christians understand that the universe is a rational and comprehensible harmonious whole (Cosmos.)

On the other hand some scientists have broken with this understanding of the universe and claim that it is not a harmonious whole, but it is in effect an irrational chaos governed by chance. With this view I do not agree based on theological grounds, scientific grounds, and philosophical grounds.

@Relates I was wondering where that quotation came from, and then I realized that the wrong version of the questions page was showing. I just updated it to the new text. My apologies.

“God reveals himself in both the written book of the Bible and the created “book” of the natural world. Because of the consistent character of God, these two cannot conflict.” This is a perfect example of concordism. The fact that these cannot conflict means that they must be in harmony and agreement. Therefore they are in concord.

A very interesting question, but one that requires some clarification, I think. Can science and scripture be reconciled with respect to what? Yes, they can be, for example, in regard to the creation of the universe. It has been shown that the two vary only in perspective, but not in the facts about creation__albeit science stops short of pointing to God as the creator. Actually, most scientists are silent on the primal cause behind the universe’s creation. On the other hand, science and scripture cannot come together on things, such as faith or the Holy Ghost. And this is because science inherently lacks the “tools” and mental agility to address these subjects. By mental agility, I mean the openness of perspective. It would require a totally new methodological paradigm for science to investigate faith. Medical doctors have seen its operation in the healing process, but medical scientists would be hard press to test its validity with current laboratory or in an experimental protocols

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