Can conservatives and moderates partner in campus ministry in a polarized church?

I know this Intervarsity staff member in the faculty ministry who is trying to help me establish a faculty fellowship at my college.

He doubts conservatives who hold to things like a young earth could pray together and fellowship with theistic evolutionists even though both want Christ glorified.

These camps are what my college is made of in terms of faculty.

Is it possible to cooperate for the sake of the campus? If so, how to do it?

It is indeed a difficult question, because it is so easy to lose sight of what is truly important. I suggest that he read “The Fool and the Heretic,” by Darrell Falk and Todd Wood. It was very encouraging to me to read about two men who put aside differences to converse well. A discussion is here. Thanks


At my church, most are YEC. I’m not. There may be others who are like me, but I haven’t found them yet. There are a few who are OEC, and some who aren’t decided. But YEC is what is taught, and all of the leadership are YEC. We worship just fine together. My acceptance of evolution doesn’t affect my actions as a Christian. I believe the same things about how a Christian should behave, how the church should conduct work and worship, etc. It’s not a salvation issue. :woman_shrugging:


Since those of us who are the “conservative church minority” in terms of origins views are often not very vocal about it, I’d bet those who think that YECs and ECs can’t fellowship together are already fellowshipping with those on the “other side” without realizing it.


Ummm… They currently do in churches all over the country.

I think the key is understanding that one’s view on creation (YEC, OEC, ID, TE, EC, etc) are not salvation issues. They are all variations that can fit into orthodox Christianity and can fit into either liberal or conservative views on other aspects of the faith. For example, although some TEs and ECs do not affirm Biblical inerrancy/infalability, others do. It is also possible to affirm human evolution and not fit into any of those particular views on creation and to hold fast to the Bible and traditional Christian doctrines.


I hardly know of any Christians at the churches I go to that believes in evolution or share my interpretation of genesis 1-11. I hardly know of any Christians in person who share my idea of how scripture does not equal canonization.

I still worship just fine. I also don’t bring it up all the time. I don’t have a drive to correct everyone all the time. I mention it sometimes and recognize that if someone is interested they will approach me. Some will not be able to cope with it and they won’t let it go. When that happens, I refuse to engage with them in any related convo. They eventually burn themselves out.

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My friend,

As others have astutely noted, Christians are already doing this without knowing it. The problem is that hubris gets in the way. When Christians learn that another Christian differs with them on a secondary issue, it has a tendency to end with division, with separation. Hence our many, many, many, many, many denominations.

The Holy Spirit is stronger than their hubris. If they are willing to humble themselves and submit to the Spirit, He will bring them together. Christians should remember the Scriptures. Jesus prayed that we would be unified, and He stated that others would know we were His disciples by our love for one another. Paul warned about division and being divisive.

I would say, have those Christians sit down and have them talk to each other. They will likely have far more in common than they think. Remind them of the Apostles Creed–it’s a good and ancient creed with its foundation on the teachings of the Apostles, and its focus is on the core doctrines of Christianity, those salvific doctrines.

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