Can anyone recommend any good blogs or Twitter feeds on science and faith?

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Any particular recommendations here? I’m looking for sensible blogs and Twitter feeds that discuss science from a Christian perspective.

While some of you will no doubt post ones that focus on creation/evolution/the age of the earth, I’d also appreciate any suggestions that give a broader, all-round perspective of the subject as well.

(Phil) #2

Many are out there. One I read is
If you look at the blog roll there it links to others, and some have links to yet others.
Another is

(Robert J. Kurland, Ph.D.) #3

I have a blog, “Reflections of a Catholic Scientist”; a number of issues have been discussed: Creatio ex Nihilo, Evolution, Last Days and the Resurrection of the Dead, from a Christian and science perspective. I’m a retired physicist, and a convert (at the age of 65) from secular Jew.
There’s also a very fine blog by Aron Wall, a Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study,
Undivided Looking
Finally, there are occasional posts on Strange Notions that deal with the intersection of science and religion. The latest is on the compatibility of miracles and science.

(Dennis Venema) #4

I enjoy reading Scot McKnight’s blog Jesus Creed. He has a regular guest author, “RJS” who writes weekly about science and faith issues. Highly recommended.

For example, RJS has a post up today about the flood - see here.

(Phil) #5

Just looked at this one, looks interesting, and the TED talk referenced in the latest post on it is really good.

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