Can anyone give me the various theories on how the poor dinosaurs became extinct?

How did the dinosaurs become extinct? I will not mention these various theories because you know them. Shall we name them and see which one best describes the facts?

Henry … there’s still lots of opinions on this in the scientific community.

The devil is in the details. It wasn’t just dinosaurs that went extinct … lots of other creatures did too… and plants.

And yet, despite all the havoc, crocodile and alligators survived… and lots of little creatures … I think someone proposed the weight threshold being no surviving species were bigger than 50 pounds (I don’t think it was 50 kilos … but maybe I’m wrong there).

Of course, once the disaster was over, lots of little critters started getting bigger.

I know I haven’t answered your question … but I didn’t want your thread to feel empty while you were waiting for more details.



How about a good short film on the subject( by Howard Hughes Medical Institute): The Day the Mesozoic Died. (Note that only the non-avian dinos went extinct.)


I like your answer George. I wish to thank you for coming. Perhaps you could return when you have time and explain some of the views. You are a smart guy, George. I mean that!

I wish to thank you beaglelady for giving this information. You are always generous. Also, Sammy said he would pay you a call tonight!

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Big meteor. Or Skeeters. Did mosquitos kill the dinosaurs? | Science Buzz Or mortgage backed securities. Is there anything in the fossil record to indicate that mortgage backed securities killed the dinosaurs?


Much to my surprise, my elementary school-age kids all watched this whole movie. Though it had the usual interviews with kid-boring scientists, the interviewer was relatively animated and recapped important points in more kid-friendly phrasing, the movie kept going at a good clip, and there were a number of helpful graphics. It helped that my kids were all drifting toward sleep and I was recapping the recap to make sure they caught the most salient points. Personally I enjoyed actually seeing the K-T boundary, which I’d previously only read about, as if I were accompanying a local paleontologist on a field walk. Good times! Thanks for the recommendation!


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