Can a Scientist Believe in the Resurrection? (Part 2)

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Anyone that accepts Christ must believe in His resurrection of the body.

People come back from being pronounced dead in hospitals regularly .
I have witnessed my own nephew come back after 6 minutes ,the doctors only gave him oxygen ( breath) .
It is my opinion , that there is nothing we can do by knowledge or invention that God cannot do better or with greater ability …put simply , if God can enact ( create the laws of ) our physical universe just by his word , then it stands to reason he can raise the dead .
Just my thoughts on it .

On the face of it, “Can a scientist believe in the Resurrection?” is a rather silly question. Obviously they can since there are thousands and thousands of good scientists who believe in the Resurrection. It’s a bit like asking if a baseball player can also play basketball.

A scientist is someone who does science. It doesn’t require a scientist to use science for everything. All it requires is that anything you put the label “science” on came about through the scientific method. You don’t pledge some oath where you promise to approach every question of life through the scientific method.

I sometimes get the sense that non-scientists think there is this big Atheists v. Christians battle royale that happening in the sciences. I think they would be extremely disappointed to find out that it simply isn’t true. For the most part, scientists really don’t care about the religious views of other scientists. It’s a non-issue. There are still jerks in the scientific community who may make a stink now and again, but that is true of any profession and any group of human beings. At least to this atheist scientist, asking if a scientist can have faith based religious beliefs is just as silly as asking if a plumber can have those beliefs.


Well, let’s call a spade a spade. It’s not really “non-scientists” who promote this thinking, it’s Evangelicals.


Even then , it’s some evangelicals , some seem to lean toward concordism , others simply separate science from scripture aknowledging " I don’t know " type of agnostic " let God sort it out " …

Scientists can surely believe in the resurrection but their belief cannot be grounded in empirical results.

NOTE: the lack of empirical results says nothing about the validity of their belief. Only that their belief would not be derived from the scientific method. Eyewitness testimony is the usual justification advanced as evidence.



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