Came across a neat Native American Christian episode of a podcast today

So the podcast is called “ The Muscogee Pod “ and it’s put out as the official Creek Indian podcast. They go over all kinds of topics but the one I thought that would be of interest to some here is episode season 2 episode 5 titled “ Holy Grounds: Exploring Spirituality in Muscogee Culture “ where biblical scholar Rev. Chebon Kernell “ talks about interpreting Christianity and the Bible through a indigenous lens.

I don’t know much of what he believes yet. But I’ll keep looking into it. One thing I found that seems neat about their faith is this that seems to align to the same creation mythology as many of us sees in genesis 1-2.

“The Muscogee believed that the world was originally entirely underwater. The only land was a hill called Nunne Chaha on which is the home of Hesaketvmese (meaning “master of breath”; pronounced Hisakita imisi), a solar deity also called Ibofanga (“the one who is sitting above (us)”). He created humanity from the clay on the hill.”

Reminds me a bit of the chaotic waters aspect. At the CPW this Thursday I’ll see if there are any books on it. Here is a link to the episode too.

One thing that I can’t help but be skeptical about though is that I’m under the impression they were a tribe that passed on knowledge orally until sometime after the European invasion occurred and they begin to use a written language as well. So it’s something I kind of struggle with trusting. Would be easier for me to know it’s not merely a belief that begin after colonialism took place of there was some record before that. But I guess the same can kind of be argued with how the Jewish nation also first passed on beliefs orally.

I want to find some of his sermons and see how he words it all through his worldview.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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