Bringing God Into Our Lives

As a new Christian, how can we bring God into our lives?

Translation is more than replacing this Hebrew word with that English word.

Check Genesis 18:8, NAS: which he had prepared, and placed

What I meant was in Exodus 20:11/31:17, is the word asah, translated made in most English bibles, ever translated as prepare.

Wdym by that?

How would you translate “6 of one or half dozen of another” into another language that doesn’t have a word for dozen? Or if you did a literal translation it wouldn’t make any sense in that language.

You have been told repeatedly how translation works by people who do it for a living and yet you still seem to not understand the basic concepts.

Well can you clarify how you guys do it

Here’s a useful article illustrating how translation is far from simple, and is deeply embedded the cultures of the languages in question:

I see, it’s just that the context in exodus 20:11 can allow for prepare or made, so it seems very odd that it’s only translated as he made the heavens and the earth, and not he prepared the heavens and the earth.

Interesting article on translation I came across today that illustrates some of the points made: 10 Biblical Terms I Wish Christians Had in Englis... | Christianity Today

Great question. As you probably know made can have two meanings.

Consider the phrase ‘This morning I made my bed’

That can mean today I went out, brought some timber, and created my bed frame. Then purchased a mattress, sheet, duvet, cover and put them on the bed.

Or it can mean, I prepared my bed as in put it into a state fit for someone to sleep in.

Westerners hear/read the word ‘make’ and instinctively jump to the first meaning. When then Old Testament talks about God ‘making’ the heavens and the earth, I believe it is using it in the second sense. God made the heavens and the earth, as in got it into a livable condition.

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